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One popular option to lower monthly student loan costs is refinancing. However, before you refinance your loan, take a better look at the pros and cons of refinancing.Student loan refinancing is when a private lender takes on your loan, or loans, and combines them into one loan at a new rate and repayment schedule.Keeping track of several different student loan payments, on top of many other bills, can be frustrating. Many private lenders even offer a discount APR if you enroll in automatic payment withdrawal.This option saves you a small amount of money each month, and it helps you never to forget a payment.

There is a way to consolidate just your federal loans together with a Direct Consolidation Loan, but this might also disqualify you for special repayment of forgiveness plans.Choosing a variable rate for your student loan can be riskier; since rates can go up anytime, but it can also land you a lower interest rate.The private lender, Earnest, even allows borrowers to switch between a fixed and variable rate without incurring any fees.Firstly, the refinance can secure you a better interest rate, which in turn gives you a lower monthly payment and even saves you money on the life of the loan.Many graduates can secure better interest rates because their credit scores have improved since they first applied for a loan.

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