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Alipay has turned into a brothel, Wang Sicong, internet celebrity and son of property tycoon Wang Jianlin, said on Weibo (link in Chinese, registration required).

Wang also posted a picture captioned 支付鸨, or Zhifubao, a play on words using Alipay’s Chinese name, which literally translates into “pay the pimp.” The post has attracted more than 140,000 “likes.” Wang’s comments sound extreme, but there’s some sense to them.

HOLLY Hagan sparked shock when she appeared to confirm reality TV shows are ‘set up’ in a Twitter rant recently, shortly after she sensationally quit MTV’s Geordie Shore.

But she’s not the first to expose some backstage secrets – and her co-stars have all let slip a fair few clangers over the years too.

All of Alipay’s 400 million users can join “Circles” groups, which include one for college students, another for white collar workers, and a third for Chinese citizens living overseas.

But as the “White Collar Diary” group shows, as a guy, I’m not allowed to post in it, no matter what my job is: The college group “Campus Diary,” which has been viewed by more than 14 million people within 24 hours of its launch, also allows only female users to post.

“When we’re filming they can’t get close because of all the security.

He revealed: “You can’t really bang birds when we’re doing the show.

Alipay, China’s most popular payments app, has taken things several steps further.

The wallet app, owned by Alibaba’s financial spinoff Ant Financial, publicly launched a new social media service called “Circles” on Nov. The “Circles” are social or interest groups that work like Instagram, with users sharing their photos or videos publicly with group members, with a big difference: In some of the most popular groups, only women can write posts and put up personal media.

From the endless drunken antics, to girls having to show their PASSPORTS before they hook up with the stars, cast members have exposed some shocking behind-the-scenes revelations.

Here, we look at some of the biggest shockers: Are scenes set up?

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with Gaz” under a meme about ‘relationships and cheating.’ Chantelle replied: “Think you need to get your facts right!

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