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This free, community-based family history tool provides a single place for people to store information about their ancestors and collaborate with others working on the same family lines.

But think about it for a minute then ask yourself, "Who and what do I include in my family? What if you were raised by your grandparents and your parents played little to no role in your life or if you grew up in an orphanage or the foster care system? Is family limited to genetically related individuals; those we typically think of as kin, and if so, does this mean some people have never met their own family if they have one at all?These resources include official church (for example: birth, marriage, death) and governmental (for example: census) records that can help fill in gaps in your family story.Over a cup of coffee, Jordan said, “I’m often amazed by the ways child-bound (i.e., people who have or want children) react when they come into contact with child-free people” (i.e., people who do not have or want children).Endogamy is the practice of marrying, becoming romantically involved, or engaging in sexual relations within a social group.Cultures that practice endogamy require relationships between specified social groups, classes, or ethnicities.

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