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Over the past few years, China has deepened its trading roots with Russia — now, China pays for Russian oil in yuan.

Russia, in turn, uses yuan to buy goods from China.

He has been interviewed by dozens of major print and broadcast media outlets including : Today, we share a “year-end” interview recently conducted by publisher Aaron Gentzler with Ray Blanco.

It’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Ray finds his best plays and moneymakers.

While Stanger has been out of the dating game herself — she was previously involved with David Krause — she told us she’s ready to hit the town and find herself a man, which includes using dating app Bumble to find potential dates. “I start to get nervous about my age, but then I watch the ‘Housewives’ and I see Sonja [Morgan] with Frenchie and I see Ramona [Singer] dating and even Bethenny and I’m just like, ‘If they can do it, so can I,'” she told us. “You almost want to date and not tell a girlfriend because God forbid somebody steals him,” she said.China is currently modifying the terms of its oil trade with Saudi Arabia.Specifically, China is working on a deal to pay for Saudi oil using Chinese yuan.In a sense, Chinese-Russian oil trade is now backed-up by a “gold standard.”Looking ahead, Saudi Arabia will find itself more and more locked-out of the Chinese oil market if it won’t sell oil for yuan. If Saudi begins accepting yuan for oil, all bets are off on the petrodollar. Yet, for some strange reason, there’s a form of blindness within western policymaking and media circles concerning the implications of yuan-for-oil.Yuan-for-oil will entirely change the monetary dynamics of global energy flows. The idea is so “off-the-wall” that many policy leaders simply ignore it.

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